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Dr. Brad Robinson

Norfolk chiropractor

" I originally came to the office for pain in my tailbone.  I couldn't sit, walk or sleep.  I noticed improvement within a month. I have been coming to Wards Corner Chiropractic for just over 20 years now for maintenance.  I rarely get sick with colds or the flu like my other co-workers." - Sue A., age 49   

"I found out about chiropractic from my son.  I had lots of pain everywhere and my mobility was limited and affecting my daily habits and routines.  I felt almost immediate relief.  Some symptoms, of what I thought was arthritis and aging have disappeared.  The staff in this office is the best I have ever dealt with." Pat M., age 65 [Staff comment: this patient came in using a walker, has moved to a cane and now rarely comes in with any assistance at all.]

"I had severe neck and leg pain along the sciatic nerve.  I couldn't sit for more than a 1/2 hour including riding in or driving a car.  Within 6 months of care, I stopped getting headaches and can take trips with my family again. Now it's been just over a year and I am noticing an improvement in my overall health."     Janet F  age 45

"I was referred to the office by my mother; I had lower back pain, neck pain that would cause tingling in my fingers.  I travel a lot for my job and the plane flights were becoming tedious.  Looking at a computer screen for 8 hours a day was painful.  I noticed an improvement within 3 weeks.  I am sleeping better, I am running on the treadmill, and occasionally running in 5k races.  You don't know if chiropractic can help if you don't try it! Stop taking those pain pills!"      Kevin K.   age 38 

"I am not taking the elevator anymore...I'm running up the stairs!" - Terry R. age 36

"I suffer from M.S. and had been under chiropractic care in college.  The pain in my face, the headaches, weakness and dizziness became so awful I had a hard time caring for my three young children.  The symptoms were debilitating and I was getting depressed from not being able to do what I wanted to do. Wards Corner Chiropractic has been wonderful in helping with my changing needs, which is nearly everyday. I have a more optimistic outlook thanks to Chiropractic. This office has been a Godsend for me - Thank you!"   Carrie E.   age  32

"My mom brought me to the chiropractor back in 1996.  I had terrible asthma and low back pain.  My asthma would not allow me to breathe or move around freely.  The low back pain limited my mobility and ability to do my job properly.  Some of my symptoms were relieved in one visit, such as my knees and neck injuries (from volleyball); other things need constant chiropractic check ups, such as my asthma.  I have more energy and ability to do new things that would have been painful or aggravated my asthma before - such as biking, hiking and volleyball.  I love Wards Corner Chiropractic and the entire staff!"               Becky R    age 25

"My wife referred me to the office because I had low back pain.  I couldn't stand or sit for very long.  I noticed improvement within 3 weeks.  Five years ago, I had cancer and I believe it helped with my overall mental state.  Chiropractic is a lot better than taking drugs for pain; it helps with everyday stress."    Ray  J   age 61

"I was having numbness in my hands and feet, shooting pain in my legs, low back pain and headaches.  I had a hard time walking and sitting.  I could only sleep for 2-3 hours at a time.  I noticed improvement after the first visit!  I am now sleeping better and my body is more balanced.  I am so pleased I chose this office for the customer service alone!  The doctors are very knowledgeable and everyone is so helpful!"     Mary T.   age 45

"My husband brought me to the office because I was suffering with low back pain.  I couldn't exercise or sleep very well.  Within a few visits I noticed a huge improvement!  Because of the numerous workshops I attended, I learned how to better deal with stress, how to eat better and how to take better care of myself which has led to many wonderful changes.  I lost weight, sleep better and do not suffer from stress-related health issues anymore.  I would recommend chiropractic care because it WILL enhance anyone's life!"    Stephanie B   age 29

"I feel like Superman!"     Harry P     age 72

"I had low back pain going down into my left leg.  I used the Decompression Traction table with chiropractic adjustments.  I started getting relief in about 7 weeks.  I have less stress, feel better overall and believe chiropractic is crucial for maintaining  positive health."          Josh R - age 25

"I had been having migraines for years, missed work and nothing seemed to help.  I have been a patient for many years now and haven't had a migraine in forever.  Thank you Dr. Brad!!          Susan R, Age 46

"I was suffering from neck and back pain which was so bad I couldn't turn my head when I was backing up in the car. I noticed results almost immediately."       Bridget P., age 29

"I was in a bicycle accident and had long lasting back pain; I noticed improvement almost immediately. Words fail me when describing how much better I feel."       Bill Z, age 72

"It's so wonderful not to wake up with back pain."     Alana S., age 51

"I was unable to walk because of my low back pain; I noticed improvement within one week. I was skeptical when I started my Chiropractic care, but it really works and I would recommend this type of care to anyone."       Debra M., age 40


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Client Testimonial

  • ""Thank you Wards Corner Chiropractic for helping me get my life back! You not only helped get rid of my lower back pain and neck problems but have taught me proper exercise and eating habits. My body feels amazing!""
    Mary K., age 46 -Norfolk, VA